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School Resources

StrayHat has been specifically designed to help 'manage' the mess that kids can make leaving and losing their stuff at school. Please check to see if your school is currently online. We offer three different solutions to provide the school and community:


  1. Labelling of School Clothing, Bags, Instruments, Lunch boxes with StrayHat Label
  2. School Property Labels
  3. School Lost Property Bins


Label School kids Items


We start by providing schools and parents the tools to label EVERYTHING. We provide parents ways to buy personalised name labels via an online website or via School Unifrom shops. These can be used with the FREE StrayHat app for the whole school community to use. A parent, teacher or staff member can use the app and:

  • Scan a lost item 
  • Place it in lost property and 
  • Know that the parents have been informed

This is done anonymously and the staff member does not need to be a member of StrayHat - they will use "Guest" mode. The app has been developed for Android and IPhones, so no special hardware is needed.


School Property Labels


You can tag your School owned property and have StrayHat users help you find it if found. If you 'Loan" items like musical instruments, Tablets and LapTop PC's we can help manage that. The unique labels can be printed with the school logo and "Property of School" and allow the school to share them with parents. The StrayHat recovery feature notifies both the school and the parent it an item is lost, and not just at the end of year stock take. 

StrayHat labels can also be custom printed for clothing, sports equipment, books and IT equipment. If you choose not to loan items out to students, but do want know when its go missing, we can help you by printing these also.


School Lost Property Bins


Our Lost Property Bin function allows you to take items that are lost (and not having a StrayHat label) and add a label to them. StrayHat then captures the details and then publishes it on the schools site for Lost Property. Check to see if your school is listed. 


If you want to work with StrayHat in schools, please email us. We are currently working on resources for teachers, school heads and the P&C. We also have flyers that can be included in newsletters.