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Some 80% of school age kids lose items every year. The majority are never seen again.

StrayHat comes from the frustration of having two hats for each child in the family, but not knowing where they are. We seem to have stickers and labels on everything, but no simple and easy way to retrieve them. We just didn't know what was lost, when it was lost or where it was now - and every other parent at our school had the same problem!

Out of this frustration, came the idea of "StrayHat". StrayHat is designed to:

  • Save time looking for items
  • Save money having to replace items (only to see them appear the following week)
  • Taking control of the lost items in your life

StrayHat was developed by two dads in Sydney, Australia. StrayHat will be made available to other label suppliers soon after launch - if you have a favourite supplier or design, please ask them to contact us so that they can also run the system. 

StrayHat is an operating entity of Boomeranglabels Pty Ltd.

The StrayHat dog and logo was created by Astrid in Sydney and Farah in Norway.