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Lost Property Locations

Each day tens of thousands of items large and small are lost. On transport networks only around 10% of the items are recovered! Its a bit better at schools where the number is closer to 20%.


If you have to manage Lost Property in some way, or have been frustrated by losing something then we hope that StrayHat can help. We have designed the system for Schools, After School Care( OOSH), Vacation and Summer Camps, Childcare, Theme Parks, Clubs, Shopping Centres, Railways, Bus companies and Taxi Fleets.


If you have Lost an item visit our Lost Property Site to search for you lost possessions. 


If you want to add your Location/Business then please add it via the Lost Property setup page. You can choose for a free service or have your own dedicated site and free labels for a fee.


If you have any questions, please ask or contact us via contact@strayhat.com