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Version 2.0

We're pleased to announce that we have just released V2.0 of the application. We've made a range of changes to usability and added new sharing features. We've also created some new features for Schools to use the solution.
User Features
  • Scan and Update
  • StrayHat activity 
    • Facebook Connections and Sharing
    • Social Tagging
School Features
  • Loan School Items
  • Lost Property Bin Management
Scan and Update - users adding lots of items appreciated the search feature but it was still a manual process. We have changed the system to automatically open the Item when its scanned to show the details form so that a user can fill it out. So you no longer need to look for a number or item, just scan and it will open.
We have added some new social features that can be turned on. This feature is called Facebook connect and can be enabled in the settings area. This allows you to check for Facebook friends who are also StrayHat users, allowing you to see their StrayHat activity in losing and finding items. In addition, you can share with Facebook in general your latest status. We envisage that you may not want to share that you've lost a drink bottle, but if you lose a musical instrument you'll share that with your Facebook community to help find it.
Finally, we have added Social Tagging which allows you to have some fun and 'tag' a friends item. This wont mark it lost but appear as an activity on the social activity stream. Its like saying " Hi, I just saw your school bag and all was good".
School Features
Schools are looking to roll-out fleets of tablets like iPad's or Notebook computers in primary and secondary sectors. A typical scenario involves the school buying devices and loaning them out to student families. StrayHat creates a unique range of tags, that allow a school to brand their items, to loan them to students at the start of the year and reclaim it at the end of the year. The school knows when an item is lost and when it is found via the Stray Hat lost property system.
The second new school development is the support of Lost Property Bin registration and tagging. Although many people label and tag their property, the missing information they need is where it is and when it was placed there. The StrayHat solution for Lost Property Bins addresses this: when an item is placed in the bin and a label applied and is tagged with basic details such as an item description and the owner. This information is gathered by the StrayHat system and published to that schools unique StrayHat Lost Property page that parents can then search.

Version 1.3

We have been talking to users who have been loading up labels and tagging items. To help these users we have developed some new features and enhancements. The features are:

  • Speed and usability
  • Tag Search
  • Delete Tag
  • Add a Photo 

Firstly, we have improved performance and speed, especially for Apple iPhone users. We have also added a search function, so you can search for a particular item without scrolling through. You can search on Tag, Owner, Item Detail etc as shown below.


Search Feature

We also in initial use came across examples of users who had a need to delete a tag. So that feature is now available..

Delete Tag Label

Finally, you can add a photo of your Registered Item e.g. the grey one, not the pink one.