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Unique Label Features

StrayHat Labels are unique. They are the only School Name labels we know of that can have your child's name printed on in various colours and are linked to the StrayHat system that helps you find them again. This diagramme shows you some of the features and how they make StrayHat labels and tags unique.


The features are available on both Stick on labels and Iron on labels. 

Name - you tell us what name you want printed on the label. You can leave it blank if you wish, and use a permanent marker pen also.

Unique Code - each label is different. Each label is unique. Each has a unique code and number. That is how we can tell the difference between your lunch box and your saxaphone label! The StrayHat app reads the code and helps you describe the item in our system, so that when its found, you know who it belongs to and what the item is.

Instructions - tells the finder to scan the label code. If you read with a non-StrayHat reader the user will be taken to the app store to download.

Unique Number - if the QR code itself is damaged and cannot be read, you can enter the unique number in and the owner will be notified of where it was found

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