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StrayHat Subscription

The StrayHat software subscription provides you a 12 months use of the 'Lost and Found' system for your family  and your items. This is priced at $19.90 AUD ( roughly the price of a school hat).


This covers:

  • Up to 5 named individuals within a family
  • Name tags and items for the names individuals
  • Email to notify up to 4 email accounts of an item being Found, with its details and location
  • Additional notification for up to two email accounts for a specific item
  • Free download of the StrayHat app from app stores from Apple and Google
  • Use of both the smartphone app and the www.strayhat.com site to manage your items


Each year, we will ask you to renew your service for another 12 months. You may do this via the StrayHat store. You may buy additional name labels at any time.